Bring your garden back to life – spring plants to make you smile

Spring Bulbs

It’s been a LONG winter. Heck, it’s been a long year. But if you’ve been out in your garden recently you may have noticed the very subtle signs that spring is on its way and new life is shooting.

The end of winter (especially this one) brings with it an element of relief. And hope. Brighter weather, longer days, daffodils and blossoming magnolias signal the start of welcome change. And for so many of us over the last year, our gardens have become a special sanctuary.

We want you to carry that love for your garden over into 2021 and start giving it some attention so that you can pack if full of spring plants that bring colour and joy, even in the early days of spring.

Apring Summer Bulbs
Credit: QFB Gardening

Spring bedding plants

You don’t have to wait until summer to pack your garden full of colour. This year it’s even more important to have some fun and bring a dollop of happiness into your outside space.

Primroses and primula bring several different colours into your garden and are, in many ways, the ideal spring plants. Hardy and perennial, if you plant them in a good spot then you’ll see them flower year after year. Primroses and primula also self-seed – which means that they will naturally multiply every year so you won’t have to worry about filling in any gaps. They’ll do it naturally for you.

Tulips and crocus are also fantastic for early spring – there’s nothing quite like a beautiful bunch of tulips to brighten up your day. So despite what you might think, you’re actually spoilt for choice when it comes to spring colour.


Bulbs for late spring and summer

The key to any beautiful garden is to have waves of blooming plants so that you’re never without some colour. So while you’re out there planting your spring plants, it’s also worth giving some thought to your summer colour.

Planting blubs and seeds is a great way to pre-plan and make your life easier when summer comes. Gladioli, Violets and Lily’s (be careful if you or your neighbours have cats as Lily pollen is poisonous to cats) are ideal for vibrant colours and late spring/early summer blooming. Pansies are also a fantastic filler in an array of colours that will keep going until around May.

Coloured Fence
Credit: UpGardener

Adding colour elsewhere

If you don’t have space for adding colour through bedding plants or bulbs then all is not lost. There are plenty of other ways you can breathe new life into your garden or outdoor space.

Now is a great time for painting fences – and we’re not just talking about treating them. Grab some bright coloured fence paint (make sure you ask permission if the fence belongs to your neighbour) to bring some brightness into the garden – a pop of pink or a brilliant blue will cheer up even the dreariest of April showers.

Power washing patios (don’t forget to treat with some Wet & Forget) cheers them up and gets rid of any dark and dingy mildew and moss.

Alternatively, if you only have a small outside space or a balcony, then bright coloured plant pots also bring a dash of cheer – some spring plants will be very happy in pots.

It’s time to welcome spring into your garden with open arms – we’re here to help you cram as much colour in as possible. 07879 552227