Faking It – why an artificial lawn could keep your garden useable all year round

Terraced Artificial Lawn

As we head into October, yes, October, our gardens are about to get a bit of a battering as autumn winds and wet weather become more frequent.
So, what are you going to do about looking after your lawn during the autumn and winter months? As gardeners and lovers of all things natural it’s sometimes considered an odd thing for us to ask, but have you considered an artificial lawn for your garden?

We appreciate that for a lot of people the maintenance of a natural lawn can be time consuming, expensive and downright dis-heartening when the weather turns your perfectly manicured grass into something that resembles Glastonbury Festival.

So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together some reasons why you should consider artificial lawn for your garden.

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Low maintenance

If you’ve already tried to maintain a natural lawn through the winter months and got nowhere, then artificial lawn could be for you. You’ll have to do almost nothing to maintain your artificial lawn, all year round. What’s even better is that they can last up to 25 years which means that after your initial outlay you won’t be spending a penny, or lifting a finger, after that.

Sweeping up leaves and moss is all you need to do. No feeding, weeding, aerating, mowing or scarifying. You could even invest in a fake rake to make your life even easier.

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Consistent colour

As the weather we’re experiencing gets more extreme thanks to climate change, harsh sun and torrential rain and storms can play havoc with your grass. Scorched and brown in the summer and patchy, bald and sodden in the winter are becoming more and more common if you don’t look after your lawn meticulously.

With artificial lawn it stays the same colour all year round. You can even choose from a variety of shades and tones of green to suit your garden.

Sustainable (Yes, really)

While a lot of artificial grass is made from plastic, there are now plenty of options to have your artificial grass made from recyclable materials or for it to be made from recycled materials. While it may seem like artificial lawn is as far from sustainable as you could get, you’ll also be helping to ease water stress because you’ll never have to put a sprinkler on it to keep it looking good.

There are other environmental benefits that come from never having to mow the lawn, so no emissions from petrol mowers or electricity used from electric mowers. There’s no need for harmful pesticides or herbicides which can also harm the environment.


Many gardens can become inaccessible in the winter if the weather turns the lawn into a brown bog. If you have children who need some outdoor time all year (and who doesn’t at the moment), relatives who have accessibility needs or elderly family who need a safe outdoor space then artificial lawn can help give them usable space all year and keep them safe.

No muddy clothes, no wheelchairs stuck in mud and no falls caused by uneven, boggy turf. It can also help save time for the family as you won’t have to pop round to mow the lawn for them.

If you’d like some help exploring your options for artificial lawn in your garden then give us a call or explore our artificial lawn projects. Turning your garden into a space that’s great all year round isn’t as hard as you think.

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