Fall Back in Love with your Garden this Valentine’s Day

Red roses

As we head towards spring, Valentine’s Day reminds us all that there’s a lot to love – especially in your garden. Longer days, warmer weather and the early buds of spring aren’t too far away and we want you to fall back in love with your garden this year.

Injecting a little romance into your garden isn’t that hard to do and with a few changes here and there you can create some special spots in your garden that help you to connect with loved ones and with nature.

We’ve put together some easy options for you to fall back in love with your garden this Valentine’s Day. 

Plant some roses

Roses have become synonymous with romance but they also make fantastic additions to any garden because you can grow them in flower beds or pots so you don’t have to have a huge space to enjoy them. 

If you choose your variety carefully then the fragrance will fill those long, warm summer nights while you’re sat outside with a glass of wine. Local rose grower, Pococks Roses in Romsey, has a huge selection of roses to choose from (every year they grow over 60,000 rose plants) in vibrant hues and with plenty of punchy fragrances. 

Roses are relatively easy to care for and quite hardy which makes them an ideal choice for novice gardeners too. They’ll bring the romance into your garden with minimal effort.

Create a romantic corner

Whether you’ve got a small balcony or a larger garden with secluded areas, it’s possible to create a snug, romantic corner that you can curl up in on a warm spring or summer evening. 

Love seats are a wonderful way to create a space for togetherness in your garden – some have space for planters in-between so you can pep up your seat and some have tables so that you can sit back with a glass of fizz and take in your outdoor space with the person you love.

If you’ve got a smaller space, like a balcony, you could opt for a small bench seat or you can get a foldable love seat from City Cows London. Fill your romantic corner with candles, lanterns or fairy lights and fragrant climbers like Jasminoides and you can while away the evening hours in your garden.

Create a wildflower meadow  

Wildflower meadows ooze romance on warm summer evenings – evoking memories of lazy picnics, the haze of summer and beautiful bold colours. Of course not everyone has enough space to create a wildflower meadow in their garden but you can cultivate wildflowers in pots on balconies or turn a small section of your garden or lawn into a wildflower wonderland.

The Eden Project has a great guide to getting started with your wildflower meadow but if you want to start with a good foundation then you can buy wildflower turf from local suppliers (check out Wildflower Turf up the road in Basingstoke) that will transform your garden and make things a little easier.

You can choose wildflower seed mixes that attract different types of wildlife too – so if you’re looking to bring more bees or butterflies into your outdoor space you can create an eco-system especially for them. There are plenty of choices for wildflower seeds online or in your local garden centre.

If you’re struggling to bring a little love into your garden then we’re here to help offer advice or do the planting and prep-work for you. Call us on 07879 552227 or email info@crowngardensandlandscapes.co.uk