Garden Zoning

Garden Zoning

Garden Zoning – Get More From Your Garden

If you’ve not heard of garden zoning then we’re about to show you how you can make your garden work in so many different ways.

Just like you do inside your home, it’s a great idea to consider the space outside your home and what you want, or need, to use it for. It’s especially good for households with families because it means that everyone gets some space for themselves rather than your garden being dominated by a slide or having a concrete jungle that’s not suitable for small people.

Here are our favourite options for garden zoning that area achievable and practical.

Dining area

Garden Zoning

Possibly one of the best garden zoning ideas is creating an outdoor dining space. There’s nothing quite like having a dedicated dining area in your garden for those long summer evenings and special occasions.

You can pave, use shingle, install decking or concrete a space and put down an outdoor rug for a real homely feel – but considering where to put your outdoor space is key. Look carefully at where the sun appears in the garden during the day to help you decide where to place your dining area. Do you want to catch the glorious evening rays or soak up the sun during long lunches?

If you want to keep your dining area intimate and cosy, then it’s also worth considering screening it off from the rest of the garden. You can use modern cedar fencing for a smart, contemporary look, planters with trellis so that you can grow fragrant climbers on or you can go for something chic like Screen with Envy – wood composite decorative screens that add a splash of style to your garden.

Herb garden

Garden Zoning

A really simple, but effective, way of garden zoning is to establish a herb garden. You can create a dedicated raised planter for your herbs or you can plant herbaceous border plants like Lavender to create your zone.

Establishing a herb garden gives you a great range of flavours you can use in cooking and cocktails throughout the summer months.

Sleeper beds are a really popular and fairly easy way to set up a herb garden – they come in all shapes and sizes (we really like this tiered corner one from Wood Blocx). You can use them in their natural colour or you can paint them to bring some strong colour into your outdoor space, which can be a wonderful draw to the eye when you’re garden zoning.


Garden Zoning

Having some lawn is great when you have small children who need a bit of soft space to roll around. But if lawn dominates your garden, then there are some clever ways you can turn it into its own zone so that you garden has more character.

Patio or paving slabs around the outside of your lawn section can really smarten up its appearance and give clean, sharp lines to the space. Or you can divide your lawn with gravel paths – a wildflower lawn can provide texture and space for wildlife, while another section of perfectly manicured lawn can provide space for fun and games.

Splitting up your lawn into different areas can be an easy way to create low maintenance garden zones.

Cosy seating

Garden Zoning

Creating a secluded, cosy area to curl up and watch the night draw in is a blissful way to enjoy long, hot summer evenings. And it’s a perfect garden zoning idea.

However you want to do it, there are some superb ideas to create a cosy corner. We love these sunken seating areas – providing privacy and cosiness. But if you haven’t got the budget to do major excavations, then putting some shingle down in a quiet corner can be just as effective.

When you’re creating a cosy seating area then thinking about the furniture is important. Do you want to bring a real indoor feel with sofas, cushions and rugs to your outside or do you want a hanging or rocking seat?

Will you have a feature fire-pit in the middle to bring some warmth and glow? However you do it, a cosy seating section is a great garden zoning idea.

Garden zoning is all about bringing different textures and styles into your garden. Why not give these ideas a go and see how much of a difference they make to your outdoor space?