Get Your Garden Ready for a Jubilee Garden Party to Remember

Jubilee Garden Party

This year the Queen, and the rest of the country, will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. After 70 years on the throne, the longest of any British monarch, we think it’s the perfect excuse for you to get the bunting out and throw your own Jubilee garden party.

With the weather finally warming up, what better way to get friends and family together to celebrate over the extended bank holiday weekend (Thursday 2nd June – Sunday 5th June)?

We’ve thrown together a handful of ideas to help you make the most of the long weekend and celebrate in style in your garden.

Outdoor pizza ovens

Jubilee Garden Party

If you’ve never used a pizza oven before they are a lot of fun. But even better, they make pizza taste incredible and turn your garden into an outdoor kitchen that’s perfect for summer.

Your guests will love making their own pizza and cooking it.

Like most outdoor cooking options, you can spend a little or a lot depending on how much use you think you’ll get out of your pizza oven. Dellonda have a perfectly sized portable pizza oven that cooks pizzas in as little as 60 seconds. And just shy of £180 it’s an affordable option for most budgets.

If you want something a little more industrial then The Pizza Oven Shop have ceramic pizza ovens that can become a permanent feature in your garden. At just over £900 they are less budget-friendly, but if you plan to use it often then it’s a great choice. The gorgeous terracotta tone will make it the stand out feature at any Jubilee garden party.

Outdoor rugs

Jubilee Garden Party

Think a rug is just for inside your house? It’s time to abandon the rug rule book. An outdoor rug can bring a lot of style to your outdoor patio or decking area. Bright and bold or natural neutrals – it’s perfect for transforming a bland outdoor space into a vibrant Jubilee garden party place.

What’s great about outdoor rugs is that they can create a really cosy outdoor area that takes you through from day to night. And they can cover up a shabby patio or decking area – just throw it down, arrange a few planters and pots nearby and your outdoor space is a chic blend of outside and inside.

Outdoor rugs are available from most home retailers – Habitat, Next and John Lewis all do great ranges and prices start from £18.

Porcelain tiles

Jubilee Garden Party

If you’re really looking to splash out, a new porcelain tile patio is the perfect choice to create a Jubilee garden party space. Less porous than natural stone tiles, any spills from your party food and drink can be wiped up easily and it won’t stain.

A porcelain patio makes a real stylish statement, but if you’re after something a little less burdensome on your budget then a good power wash will have your old patio looking new.

You can buy power washers from any DIY store or you can ask us to pop round and give it a good clean up just in time for your Jubilee garden party.


Jubilee Garden Party

Perfecting your Jubilee garden party look and feel is all in the accessorising. We’re talking large, squishy floor cushions, twinkling fairy or festoon lights, bright and bold bunting and some garden torches to give you ambient lighting once it gets dark.

Whether you go with a British theme or one of your own, there are so many ways that you can create the perfect party atmosphere.

Eco-bunting is a great way of keeping your party as environmentally friendly as possible and Etsy has a huge range of eco-bunting to choose from. Solar-powered fairy lights are another great way of minimising your impact on the environment and saving some money on your electricity. But the impact is just as impressive.

Throw in some large floor cushions and grab some candle torches and your Jubilee garden party atmosphere will be complete.

If you’re celebrating over the bank holiday weekend then we’d love to see your garden party pictures! Share them with us at

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