Ghoul Up Your Garden – create a Halloween garden to remember in 2020


2020 has definitely felt more trick than treat. If you’re coping with disappointed children this year who can’t go out on Halloween to fill their cauldrons with sweets then don’t panic. With a little creativity, you can still enjoy a memorable Halloween.

We’ve all been spending more time outside this year and as the nights get darker it can be tempting to forget about your outdoor space. But if you’re ready to create a memorable Halloween garden then these ideas will make sure that Halloween 2020 isn’t forgotten about.

Halloween Spiders Web
Credit Illuminated Events Wales

Scary spider’s webs and spiders

You can easily make a giant spider web out of rope or wool if you really want to get creative this Halloween. If you’re exhausted at the thought of making your own, Amazon have plenty of inexpensive options available to bring the creepy crawly feel into your garden.  

Stock up with plenty of cable ties and string so that you can attach the web to trees and plants in your garden, or hang smaller webs from tree branches for a more subtle effect. To minimise damage to your plants, choose sturdy branches or tree trunks to attach them to. If you don’t have any suitable trees, then tying to the fence works just as well.

Pallet Tomb Stones
Credit Pinterest Pallet Tomb Stones

Gruesome Gravestones

Turn your Halloween garden into a graveyard easily with gravestones or tombstones. If you want to make your own then you can go low cost and use materials you’ve probably already got around the house, then cardboard and pens work great. Simply cut out your shape and draw on what you want.

If you want to be slightly more adventurous then you can use wooden pallets, old pieces of tile and slate or even the tips of old body boards that you might have lurking in the garage. A bit of paint and some spooky lettering, and you’ll be done. Party Delights have a set of 5 tombstones if you’re stuck for materials to create from. Try placing the tombstones in your flower beds or in a tray of soil so you don’t damage your lawn.

Gardeners Path of Pumpkins
Credit Gardeners Path Pumpkins

Petrifying Pumpkins

There’s nothing more Halloween than carving a pumpkin – it’s also great fun. Creating a pumpkin display on different levels is a great way to bring the ghoulish into your garden. You can stand pumpkins on anything solid that you might have in your garden. Pallets, benches, raised flower beds, rockery – there are so many options.

If the weather isn’t co-operating then buying battery powered tea lights can be a great alternative to candles – you can even buy them in different colours to give your pumpkins a vibrant look. Remember to put your pumpkins in your compost or food bin once you’re done with them. They can be easily recycled and make for great nourishment for insects and the soil as they decompose.

Halloween Broomsticks
Credit Rhythm of the home broomsticks


You can easily make broomsticks from branches and twigs lying around in your garden. At this time of year most people are inundated with leaves and branches falling from the trees so you can put them to good use. A bit of string to keep everything in place and you can create a great broomstick display. Use fairly lights to wind around the broom handles for an extra bit of magic.

If you don’t have any fallen leaves or branches, you can buy bundles of birch twigs on eBay for as little as £4. It’s a really fun activity to do with kids and you can pop them into your garden bin when you’re ready to dispose of them.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Halloween garden decorations but we’ve chosen some that are easy to make, friendly for your garden and great for the whole family to join in. Finish the experience with a roaring fire pit and some mugs of steaming hot chocolate and Halloween 2020 will be your best yet.

We’d love to see your pictures of what you get up to in your gardens this year. You can email your photos to and we’ll feature our favourites Halloween gardens on our Pinterest page!

The Crown Gardens Team