Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work


Operations Director

When you phone our offices you will be greeted by Sarah, she will be your first introduction to Crown Gardens and Landscapes.

She enjoys talking to customers, old and new and will give you a warm welcome. She'll book in your appointments, arrange any additional work you may need, liaises between customers and our staff to ensure a seamless service.

She wears many hats within the business, but her Superpower is Customer service, ok, talking! Sarah likes to get to know our customers and provide a personal touch to our Garden Services.



Your second introduction to Crown Gardens and Landscapes is Dan, he attends all Quotations and is the first face-to-face contact for our customers.

He oozes passion and creativity and can come up with fantastic design ideas for Landscaping or just understands plants, lawns etc to give a great look for the future of your Garden Maintenance.

Dan is the ideas and creative mind of Crown Gardens, he loves plants and gardens.

Dan’s superpower is his creative vision, he is not only thinking how the garden will look once a project has been completed, but is already thinking of the other seasons & how plants will look once they’re established.


Garden Maintenance Team Leader

Gavin has been with Crown Gardens for over 2 years and is Head Honcho on the Garden Maintenance teams. He is our most experienced gardener with almost 35 years experience.

From Golf green-keeping to indoor displays, Gavin is a Qualified tree surgeon and also holds an RHS level one and two in Horticulture. Gavin has a real passion for gardening, a keen eye for detail and is a fountain of knowledge in his field. Gavin and Dan bounce ideas off each other when it comes to plant types etc.

Gavin's Superpower is when it comes to plant identity, regularly giving the latin name and his knowledge of seasonal priorities within the garden.

When talking to customers he is passionate about trying to help them to enhance areas within their gardens to emphasise their garden experience.


Chief Landscaper

Since starting with Crown Gardens over 3 years ago, Matt has lead many projects from simple repairs to large multiple skilled landscaping projects. He came to us after many years working for a property developer so he is what they call a multi-skilled trades man!

His Superpower is woodwork, decking, raised sleeper borders, lean-to's, pergolas, we are always amazed when a project has finished to see just what he can create from the specifications he is working from. Sometimes these don't even look achievable, but he is in his absolute element overcoming these challenges. Equally at home with patio's, artificial lawns, the list goes on.


Garden Maintenance Team Leader

With over 6 years gardening experience, John came to Crown Gardens over 2 and a half years ago and has been leading one of our Maintenance teams since then. He is leading a team that can tend to be between 1 and 10 gardens in a day, which is a highly pressurised role. Each garden with its own specific requirements John and his trusty assistant sail through their days tending to lawns, weeds, hedges, shrub shaping and so much more!

John is currently studying for his Royal Horticulture Society level 2 in Horticulture, he is keen to enhance his current skill level to exceed customer expectations.

His Superpower is hedge trimming, with a good eye for detail and stamina he leaves hedges level, trim and tidy. Being extremely tall with long arms really helps too


Landscape Team Leader

James joined Crown Gardens and Landscapes over 2 and a half years ago, our very own super animated, cheery Landscaper. He has led many projects over his time with us from simple repairs to large projects. Pushing the boundaries from what has been designed and implemented to some stunning garden projects.

James' Superpower is paving, block paving, fencing, drainage & turfing, the curves he is expected to cut in to some of the hardest slabs are a challenge that he always steps up to and can stand back and be proud of. His attention to detail to see a project finished with complete customer satisfaction, James takes real pride in his work.


Garden Maintenance Assistant

Connor has been working for Crown Gardens for over 2 and a half years, he came to us as a young 18 year old and we have seen a massive transformation in him from then to now being a 21 year old Man!

Originally working on our Landscaping teams, Connor made a natural progression to our Garden Maintenance teams. The Team Leaders and Dan have given Connor on-the-job training and he is now a fully fledged Gardener, knowing exactly where to go and what to do in our regular customers gardens. A great asset in one-off garden clearances, these projects take stamina and Connor has youth on his side!

Connor’s Superpower is Lawn Mowing, his stripes are precise and there’s more to mowing than just pushing a lawnmower! It’s knowing what height suits which lawns and weather conditions/seasons and implementing this well.


Garden Maintenance Assistant

A new member of the Crown Gardens and Landscaping team, we are fortunate to have Shawn with us as he has recently re-located from East Sussex. The company he worked for, for over 3 years was a very similar gardening business to ours, where there was a good mix of Maintenance and Landscaping so he has very adaptable skills.

Shawn will be predominantly be working on the Garden Maintenance side of the business alongside Gavin, but has already proved himself on the Landscaping side too.

Shawn’s Superpower is Hedge-trimming, with youth on his side he has the stamina to tackle the toughest of hedges. He also has height on his side, which always helps getting the wispy bits at the very top!


Maintenance and Landscape Assistant

A recent addition to our team, Ian is another flexible member of staff. Previous experience in Green-keeping, he’s going to be making those lawns look lush! With experience as a Labourer, he will be invaluable supporting our Landscapers.

Since starting with us Ian has proved himself to be quite a machine when it comes to shifting materials and knocking up muck for his fellow Landscapers. Ian is very customer service driven and is enjoying his work so far.

Ian’s Superpower is lifting and shifting, he has been chucked in at the deep end with a huge project that has needed a lot of material movement. Tonnes and tonnes of hardcore, grit and slabs, all done with an abundance of energy!


Casual Garden Maintenance Assistant

Josh joined Crown Gardens Maintenance team over 3 years ago, he had previous Garden maintenance experience and was raring to go and get back outside after a short while of working in another industry.

His Superpower is his enthusiasm, Josh bounces into work and gardens, Josh can show up and just know exactly what is going to need doing. He’ll reel off plant names, best pruning methods etc, but all with a real passion and interest.

Josh has left as a permanent member of staff at the beginning of October to sail the world!! This is not goodbye forever, he may come back in between sailing opportunities, but for now we wish him Bon Voyage and don’t be a stranger.


Garden Maintenance Assistant

Sarah and Dan’s son Fynn has been working for Crown Gardens and Landscapes during school holidays for over a year. He has helped out on Garden Maintenance and Landscaping. Following in the family footsteps, he has recently started studying Horticulture at Sparsholt College and can be seen out and about on the Maintenance round on his free days.

Starting from scratch Fynn has learnt how to mow lawns, turn over borders and pull weeds. He’s picking up plant identification really well and enjoys working outdoors and meeting our customers. We think he’ll be miles ahead with his College work and working has given him a confidence boost and a taste of the real world!

His Superpower is Lawn mowing, it’s his favourite part of his job, he has mastered those stripes!!



Claire is the backbone to the business, making sure all our paperwork is up together. She is Sarah's right hand girl. Claire ensures that all customers are invoiced correctly, payments are allocated and ensuring accounts are kept up to date.

She checks emails and adds requests to customers maintenance visits, sends out customer schedules for the year. She takes care of the HR paperwork, runs payroll and gets stuck in to nitty gritty projects that make Sarah’s head explode!

Claire’s Superpower is being calm while there are whirlwinds all around her. Imagine a stressed out day in the office, Sarah ranting away that materials haven’t arrived on-site, gardeners and landscapers in and out, handing her grubby receipts and giving her a tease. There she goes, just taking it all in her stride!


Social Media and Marketing Co-ordinator

Keeping it in the family once more! Sarah and Dan’s Daughter Maddi was keen to earn some pennies and at 14 years old we had the PERFECT job for her! Social Media!!

Everything that is seen by the outside world from Crown Gardens has been created by Maddi, she knows when to post things, best angles, best everything and works to a tight schedule to get these projects created. Regularly correcting Mum on what to post and what not to post, she’s taken on this role very seriously and is very creative.

Maddi’s Superpower is her creative eye, she has been a keen photographer for many years taking some very artistically styled photos. She is an absolute wonder making videos and has a way of making it all look easy (which it most certainly isn’t, if you don’t have a creative eye!).