Quick Wins for Your Autumn Garden – Simple Tips to Keep Your Garden Looking Great

As we head into autumn, it’s been a hit and miss summer weather-wise. We all love spending time in our gardens when the weather is good, but the inclement conditions this summer may have played havoc with your outside space.

Peeling paint, rusty gates and the end of flowering season for a majority of plants can leave your garden looking a little sorry for itself by the time September rolls around. But with a bit of TLC you can spruce up your autumn garden so that you can still enjoy it and hopefully make the most of any fantastic autumn weather (we’re all hoping for an Indian summer…)

All these ideas are low on budget and time, but will create a big impact on the time you have left outdoors this year.


Usually we’re banging the fairy light drum loud and proud. But candles are also fantastic for creating a romantic, soft mood that’s perfect for warm autumn nights. It also helps you to make the most of the shorter nights. Investing in some great outdoor lanterns (IKEA sell plenty and they’re very reasonably priced) can give you a glorious glow at height if you choose to hang them and on the ground on your patio.

Citronella torches also make great additions to your autumn garden to help keep mosquitos at bay while lighting up the space. The Range has a great Citronella Torch that won’t bust your budget.

Painting pots & furniture

The weather always causes wear and tear on furniture and pots. By the end of the summer the sun has bleached a lot, the rain has worn away protective coatings and the wind has probably done some damage too.

Getting your hands on some outdoor paint to give things a burst of life will help to rejuvenate your autumn garden. Cuprinol has an incredibly easy to use outdoor paint (for wood, terracotta, brick and stone) and the huge range of vibrant colours will give any garden or balcony a pop of character to keep it going until winter.

Painting rusty metal

We all have something in our gardens that the rust has got the better off. Maybe it’s your gate, some decorative dividers or an old table and chairs. Metal can get tired and weather-beaten very quickly, making your garden look drab and dull.

If you’ve never tried rust paint before then you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to use. Simply brush off any old rust and paint with your chosen rust paint. Your tired metal will have a whole new lease of life and is a quick fix to keep your autumn garden looking smart.

This handy guide reviews some of the popular rust paints on the market to help you choose what’s best for you.

Add some autumn containers

Quick, easy and, you guessed it, contained – adding autumn containers to any patio or balcony will create a little flare. You can even place them on table tops to add some height.

There are plenty of plants that will happily grow in containers that provide glorious autumn colour and are easily available at garden centres.

Gardeners World points out that “There are lots of perennials that reach their peak display in autumn, including dahlias, sedums, rudbeckias and Michaelmas daisies.” This means that if you choose carefully, you’ll get a great autumn garden display that keeps coming back year after year with minimal effort.

We’re here if you need any tips or help to achieve a great-looking autumn garden – get in touch on 07879 552227 or email info@crowngardensandlandscapes.co.uk