Simple garden landscaping for spring

With spring well and truly here, bulbs blooming and the Easter holidays quickly approaching we know that so many of you will be turning your attention to your gardens again.

Spring is such a good time to refresh your garden after the winter – it’s ideal for bulb planting, seed sowing and landscaping.

If you’re wondering how to change up the look of your garden but without too much effort, we’ve put together some simple garden landscaping ideas for your garden. A garden refresh doesn’t have to be a huge change, sometimes small efforts can have a big impact.

So why not give some of these a try this spring and see how much of a difference it makes to your garden?

Get your patio in shape

Winter is a tough time for your patio. It often looks grubby and moss-covered by the time spring comes round but getting your patio in shape can be a quick, and simple, garden landscaping win this spring.

Giving what you’ve already got a good power wash (and treating with some Wet & Forget to stop the moss and mildew coming back) might be all you need to make your garden look smart this spring.

But, if you’re looking to really make a statement then how about replacing your tired patio with some porcelain tiles? Porcelain tiles give your patio a sleek, stylish look (we can even match them to your indoor tiles for a seamless indoor/outdoor effect) and they’re much more resistant to moss, mildew and cracking than natural stone. Which means less maintenance for you.

They’re also cheaper than natural stone which has gone up in price recently. So if you want to smarten up your outdoor space, then it could be time to give porcelain tiles a go.

Tackle that turf

We’re no strangers to a boggy bit of back garden. Even the best-kept lawns are prone to water-logging and moss during the winter months.

The Easter holidays are the ideal time for getting to grips with your grass and helping your lawn to make a lush comeback during the summer. Grass seed likes the milder spring weather, so if you want to deal with any patches in your lawn then now really is the best time. Make sure you’re choosing a grass seed that matches your garden – the RHS has a handy guide with tips for sowing too.

But if your lawn has seen better days, then re-turfing is the most effective way to get your garden back to looking its best. Your garden will instantly look brighter and smarter, the ground will be levelled out removing any uneven parts and you won’t have to do much to maintain it either. It’s a simple garden landscaping job that has a lot of impact.

Freshen up your fencing

We’re pretty sure that a lot of you have been propping up broken fence panels since storm Eunice. But before you go replacing those fence panels like-for-like, have you thought about using your fencing as an opportunity to change how your garden looks?

Cedar fencing has boomed in popularity recently – and with good reason. It’s smart and stylish, and brings a contemporary look to your garden. But it’s pricey.

We’ve teamed up with a local supplier in the New Forest and are offering cedar-effect fencing that looks the same but without the heavy price tag.

Cedar-effect fencing is such a simple garden landscaping job but it can be used in so many ways. You can create an intimate seating area, closed off from the rest of the garden. You can replace all of your border fences with it and create a chic, contemporary look. You can even use it above brick walls to create extra height and mix the old with the new.

Fix those dead zones

Most people have dead zones in their gardens. That spot where nothing grows no matter how hard you try? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about.

It sounds crazy but it’s time to just give up. If you’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked then let’s reconsider what you do with it.

We always recommend that areas like that can make great spots for some shingle and stone setts. Bringing different textures into your garden gives it an instant face lift and it stops you from spending agonising hours trying to get things to grow.

Why not create a small space for a café table set? All of a sudden that drab area is a smart and stylish space to have a cup of coffee on a mild spring morning. Simple garden landscaping isn’t all about plants.